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Are you concerned about your current investment portfolio? Tired of the volatility of the stock market? Discover alternative investments backed by solid real estate.

ILS Fund Short Term Fund I LP - Growth Fund and ILS Long Term Fund I LP - Income Fund are great investments for individuals and institutional investors who are seeking a consistent high-yield return with low volatility and collateral protection. They are also excellent for investors who want passive income from regular distributions and those who would like to diversify their overall portfolio away from traditional investments like stocks, bonds and government debt. Because the funds invest in notes backed by real estate, investors driven by capital preservation are still able to enjoy returns more typical of riskier high yield assets.

We also offer safe haven investments of single family notes designed to flourish in any market cycle.

We have a highly trained, welcoming staff dedicated to helping you build your wealth, while providing you low-risk investment options. We can provide you with a consistent rate of return on your investment without the loss of principal and safe from market fluctuations.

Don't buy stock. Invest smarter.

A Message From Tom Berry

Tom Berry, Investor Loan Source co-founder and CEO, shares our core principles and invites you to take control of your investments.

Our Customer's Story

Have you been thinking about investing, but are worried it might be difficult? It's easier than you think. Watch our customer's story where he shares just how easy it is. He goes through the process and discusses the advantages from his own perspective.

Although past performance does not guarantee future results, please contact our office for past performance numbers and a full Private Placement Memorandum (PPM).

Please read and consider the PPM in its entirety before making any investment.

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