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Meet the Managers

Founder and Principal Owner of Tom Berry REI, Edgewater Property Management, Galco Properties and Partner and Co-founder of Investor Loan Source, Tom Berry is a seasoned real estate investor, teacher and public speaker in the greater Houston area. As former owners of The Wealth Club, he and his wife Melissa grew the real estate investment group to become one of the largest in Houston, while teaching and coaching real estate investors there for over five years. He speaks all over the country teaching others about investing in real estate and even had his own popular rush hour real estate radio show. His passion is for people and helping them grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom - on their own terms.

Tom spent the majority of his early career in sales and management working in corporate America where he quickly realized he had a special knack for coaching and teaching others. This and his dream of being self-employed inspired him to step out of his comfort zone and quit his nine to five job and launched his own financial services firm. His business thrived for ten years until the financial bubble burst of 2007 and he lost everything. According to Tom, experiencing this loss was one of the best things that ever happened to him, as it forced him down a different path. With a negative $65,000 to their name, he and his wife Melissa began to invest in real estate with the goal of becoming multimillionaires within five years. They beat this goal by one year and together their portfolio is now worth over $19 million, the vast majority of it purchased with private money.

According to Tom, “ I’ve never let money be a limiting factor or lack thereof. I can buy anything as long as it’s a good deal. You just have to be willing to go out and raise capital.” This led to the creation of Investor Loan Source. Not everyone is good at raising capital. Tom’s personal journey, hardships and professional success have given him a great deal of empathy, knowledge and perspective, all of which have made him a better person and lender. They have also taught him lessons that have helped him as a leader and investor. He’s learned the importance of setting goals in all areas of one’s life and that there is always more to learn in this business or any business. Additionally, one must always remember that real estate is a cyclical market that goes up and down. In order to truly be financially bulletproof, one must have multiple streams of income. But the most important lesson he has learned is that regardless of how much real estate you own, your reputation will always be your most valuable asset.

With over 20 years of experience in hard money and asset-based lending, Donald Sutton is the President and Co-founder of Investor Loan Source. His investment and lending career began with single family rentals and mobile home parks and later expanded to apartments and other commercial real estate investments. He has processed and originated over 1,500 loans with a default rate of less than 2.0%. Since founding Investor Loan Source in 2014 with his business partner Thomas “Tom” Berry, the company has grown to gross revenues of over five million dollars in revenue with over 80 million dollars in closed loans each year for the past two years.

Prior to founding Investor Loan Source, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Stephen F. Austin University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. Donald also spent 25 years designing and developing business and security software solutions for companies such as Reliant, KBR, Oracle Corporation and the national government. His experience working during the Persian Gulf War in 1991 providing intelligence data taught him the importance of information accuracy, attention to detail and most of all, appreciating life and family.

Donald spent time as a successful option trader in the stock market industry. It was there that he learned that there were other alternative investments that were less volatile than the stock market that still have outstanding returns. He realized quickly that asset based investments and lending was the ideal solution and has seen consistent returns without the loss of principal for his family. Today as President of Investor Loan Source, Donald treats each solution and investment as if it were his own with full honesty and disclosure. He also stresses the importance of owning the solution and end result with his employees as they solve day to day challenges in lending together as a company. His goal and mission is to help others build their wealth with their personal finances and get the highest rate of return with minimal risk. Success feels best when it is shared - helping others achieve their financial goals is Donald’s dream job and passion.